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A Database of Iron Man’s Mighty Armors

The Armory Armoire


Armor Models      By Issue

Original Gray Armor, Model I, Mark I

Golden Armor,            Model I, Mark II

Proto-Classic Armor, Model II

Post-Protoclassic Armor, Model III

Flexi-Armor,  Model IV

Classic Red and Gold Armor,   Model V

Depolarizing Armor, Model VI

NeoClassic Armor,     Model VII

UltraPower Classic Armor, Model VIII

Space Armor, Model IX

Stealth Armor, Model X

Rehab Gray Armor,    Model XI

Silver Centurion Armor, Model XII

Hydro Armor, Model XIII

Oversize Red and Gold Armor,   Model XIV

Encephalo Remote Armor, Model XV

War Machine, Model XVI

Telepresence Armor (NTU-150), Model XVI

Modular Armor,     Model XVIII

Crossing Armor,     Model XIX

Iron Boy Armor,     Model XX

Iron Boy Holo-Armor, Model XXI

Prometheum Armor, Model XXII

Retro Armor, Model XXIII


UltraPower Classic Armor—M VII-A/B

Stark’s NeoClassic Armor didn’t last long. After suffering another setback with his heart health, Tony Stark spent 49 hours without sleep to build a much needed new armor. While incorporating some leading edge tech, the UltraPower Classic Armor, Model VIII, was built around an all too MORE ...

Space ArmorM IX, M I, II

First donned when Iron Man faced Sunturion and the Star Well in #142.

The Space Armor, Model IX, Mark I (referred to as #14C in its first appear-ance) is one of Iron Man’s specialty armors. While his standard suits are space-worthy, the Space Armor is designed for extended time outside of the atmosphere, up to two MORE ...

Stealth ArmorM X, M I, II, III

Used by Tony Stark to infiltrate the East German fortress, Heaven's Hand, in issue 152.

The Low Observable, or Stealth, Armor, Model X, Mark I is used for covert activities when "invisibility" is prudent. In fact, Tony Stark got the idea for the sleek, jet black suit after he was tracked to the Star Well MORE ...

Hydro ArmorM XIII, M I, II

All About the Aqua Armor. First used to recover a poison gas canister in issue #218.

After his battery of suits was destroyed to keep them out of the wrong hands (issues 174-175), Tony knew there’d be special situations that would require those special capabilities and he began to replace them. MORE . . .

Oversize Red and Gold ArmorM XIV, M I, II, III

Red and Gold Renaissance. Iron Man is dead.  Long live Iron Man! Although relieved and ready to move on after the death of Iron Man—and his Silver Centurion Armor—at the hands of Firepower, Tony Stark was forced by his enemies to build another state-of-the-art armor and—ultimately—to remain MORE . . .

Silver Centurion ArmorM XII, M I

A Change in Color for a Changed Man. First tested against Obidiah Stane and his Iron Monger Armor in issue # 200. Chameleon Armor. Holographic Armor. Red and Silver Armor. Whatever you call it, Model XII, Mark I, a combat-oriented armor may have been meant for Iron Man James Rhodes, but  Tony MORE . . .

Rehab Gray ArmorM XI, M I

NeA reprise . . . "Nothing much."

Pieced together from the spare parts and scraps Tony scrounged from his "Mr. Fix-it" gig at Bistro Electronics, The Rehab Gray Armor, Model XI, Mark I, was first seen in pieces in Iron Man #188. Tony swore that he would never put it on, blaming the armor--its protective shell  MORE ...

Encephalo Remote ArmorM XV, M I

In #258, Tony Stark tested a special suit controlled by revolutionarily new encephalo-circuits in his Model XIV helmet. In short, Model XV started life as nothing more than a modified version of the Model XIV Armor—an empty suit run by remote control. In the long run, what started as an experiment, would one day MORE . . .

Armoire Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Armoire Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Outer Atmospheric Armor, Model XXIV

SKIN Armor,   Model XXV

TinMan Armor,       Model XXVI

Plastic Ghost Armor, Model XXVII

Asgardian Thor Armor, Model XXVIII

Ablative Space Armor, Model XXIX

Pentagon Armor,      Model 30

Hypergravity Armor, Model XXXI

Extremis Armor, Model XXXII

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