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It's What's On the Inside

In Iron Man #308, the AI entity VOR/TEX bamboozled his way into Tony Stark’s body, trapping Tony in cyberspace presto-change-o. Tony needed a way to fight back, a way back into the real world—and he found it in the unwrapped skeletal prototype of the Telepresence Armor (Model XVI, Mark I-Prototype).

Sans covering, this rig wasn’t pretty, but it was the guts of the NTU suit. And it had weapons. So it was more than up to the job of taking on VOR/TEX in another Iron Man armor.

Phillip Grant, a hacker who had come across his path recently, uploaded Stark’s consciousness into the Prototype Telepresence System’s main memory (the file name: Stark1).

The skeletal rig had a visor for relaying optical data back to the operator. These “eyes” could also project beams that produced major candlepower—enough to overwhelm the helmet optics of the NTU-150.

The Model XVI, Mark I-P, was strong. It could also fly thanks to boot jets.

Armaments: a variety of Stark favorites plus a palm flame thrower and high-decibel screamers (a new ultrasonic weapon).

In the end, Stark used an interface to jack his consciousness into his body via the armor’s connection.

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