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Creators' Corner:

Everything you ever wanted to know about Iron Man's creator: Stan Lee. Plus, don't miss the in-depth conversations and interviews with other Iron Man artisens, featuring: David Michelinie, Joe Quesada, Kurt Busiek, Bob Layton, Frank Tieri, Tom Brevoort, Joe Casey, and Kev Hopgood. Be sure to check out Layton's awesome original armor sketch!

Your humble Iron Man Armory impresario was recently interviewed for the thirty-fifth edition of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, which celebrated Iron Man on its cover. Since my interview was obviously the lynchpin of entire book, I've humbly added it here.

War Machine. Original drawing and colors by Ian Sokoliwski. Check out his work or commission him by visiting here.

The Many Loves of Tony Stark. (Plus, we always knew Tony Stark was a ladies man, but Iron Man?)

Iron Man Selling Hostess Cup Cakes In All Their Chocolatey Goodness!?

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