Firepower I and II

Firepower Model I, Mark I

First seen in Iron Man #230, as a simulator rig. Hanging from a track on the ceiling, it allowed for virtual reality simulations of battle. But there was nothing virtual about the beating Firepower would soon lay on everyone’s favorite armored Avenger. The Firepower system was a walking, flying armory—and Edwin Cord’s instrument of revenge.

Firepower was one tough cookie. Much larger than a man, not to mention Iron Man, this huge gray battle suit, a “two-ton tuxedo,” was actually built with Stark components. (By this time the military had had time to study Iron Man’s negator packs [from the ones used on Stingray], and had shielded Firepower from them.)

It was so big that Jack Taggert, the suit’s operator, had to be lowered into the suit via a specialized crane, before being closed inside and sealed in.

The Firepower system was extraordinarily powerful. In the armor, Taggert could crumple steel like it was cardboard. And pound through a mountain, in fact, with ease (once even sending Iron Man hurtling through solid rock). The grip of the hands was like that of a vise—a hold ol’ Shellhead couldn’t break out of. Firepower was so powerful, he could smash IM’s vaunted Silver Centurion Armor, even break pieces off of it.

For Iron Man’s part, he could do very little to the Firepower Armor. His blows and weapons did nothing to harm the suit. Even his repulsors were meaningless—even double repulsors at maximum output had no effect on Firepower.

Firepower was cybernetically controlled, had a full communications suite—and a PA system too. Boot jets allowed for flight (up to 200 m.p.h.). The suit was air-cooled for the wearer’s comfort. Taggert stared out through a red visor that also acted as a Heads-Up Display.

A devastating killing machine, Firepower’s weapons array and tactical computers allowed him to trash two tanks and two jet fighters in less than twelve seconds.

In issue 230, Firepower “killed” Iron Man, destroying the Silver Centurion Armor. Later, after a short period of harassing SE, Firepower was destroyed in #231 by the new Iron Man in a new armor.

Armaments: Two missiles on each leg; grenade belt (12 mini-grenades, which can be fired from pods on the ribs); devastating wrist-mounted particle cannons on each arm (each more powerful than Iron Man’s repulsors); four surface-to-air missiles; three packs of missiles on hip/thigh area; chest had two separate heat beams; shoulder-mounted wide-beam lasers.

Extra-special weapon: Back unit houses the Terminax missile, a high-energy, low-radiation tactical nuke fully capable of destroying Shellhead’s armor.

Firepower Model II, Mark I

A new Firepower, worn by a new, unknown agent, showed up in Iron Man #288 to take care of the environmental renegade Atom Smasher. In the end, he ended up humiliated by Iron Man, just like his predecessor.

Bigger and more advanced than the original, this Firepower sported a bright orange paint job. It was flight-capable, but it was delivered to the battlefield in a B-52.

Armed with dual laser ports on the chest, a mini rocket launcher on the left shoulder, and a right arm that was a cannon. The new Firepower also had a four-missile pack on the back, and an even bigger Terminax.

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