Other Armors

Other Armors in the Iron Man Universe

Iron Monger, original drawing and colors by Ian Sokoliwski.

Stark Battle Armor

An early combat suit

Guardsman Armor

Worn by the prison guards at the Vault

Iron Monger Armor

Worn by Obidiah Stane

Mandroid Armor

Worn by SHIELD agents

Firepower Armor (I)

The government’s solution to the super hero problem

Firepower Armor (II)

An upgrade, not quite up to the challenge

DeWitt Armor

Built for revenge

Doom's Rebel Armor

Worn by Rebel O'Reilly

Evader Armor

Stolen by Justin Hammer

Doppelganger Doom Armor

Worn by Another Tony Stark

Iron Maniac

Alternate Stark Takes It Up A Notch


Built For the Future

Ultimate Rocketmen

The Ultimate IM Strikeforce

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