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This spot lets you know what, if any, changes or updates have been made to The Armory.

Remember, many of the sub-features are now found in, oddly enough, the "Special Features" section.

New this upload . . .

Be sure to read the Fred Van Lente interview in the Creators' Corner.

Mr. Van Lente was gracious enough to provide the Armory with two of his scripts not to mention the original pitch that got him the Marvel Adventures Iron Man gig.

A new area has been added to the Armory Armoire: the Ultimates Armors. Check out all-new write-ups on four of the Ultimate Iron Armors: Ultimate Armors 1-3 and the Six.

As if that's not enough, the tech specs for the NTU-150 Telepresence Armor have been fully revised with the entire page reworked. Don't miss the new specs and images as well as the bonus technical diagrams. And be sure not to miss the NTU Prototype page.

The Space Armor tech specs have been overhauled and some new pics have been added too.

On the "Main" page there's a beautiful Bob Layton original pic of Blizzard colored by Frank D'Armata.

12 spectacular covers from the Tales era have been added to the Covers Gallery.

THE IRON MAN ARMORY NEWS this month . . .

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